Men’s Mephisto Cruiser Shoes

If you love shoes that offer supreme comfort, impressive durability, and are not being worn by at least 20 people on every main city street you walk down, Mephisto are well worth investing in. Mephisto is still a fairly popular brand in Europe and the UK to those in the know, but not to the level where you’ll see loads of people wearing them like you do with other brands. Mephisto Cruiser (C840D05) are a quality pair of shoes. Really well made, with soft, pungent leather, slipper equivalent comfort level, and with some bounce in each step due to the soft inner sole and air cushioning system (Soft-Air) in the sole.
Mephisto-CruiserThey are the type of shoes that wearers find hard to replace. Not much comes close in terms of comfort, and if you look at some of the reviews online you will read about how some people are planning to use the Mephisto restoration service, which offers a revamp of the shoes so they are almost as good as new again.
Brown-Soft-AirBut of course, quality and comfort of this calibre comes at a price. They are not cheap. And this is probably one of the reasons why you don’t see too many people wearing them. However, sometimes there are sales to be found online if you have a look around. That also applies to lightly used pairs.

A pair that are on sale for a discount price at the moment are the Mephisto Holiday, which are part of the Mobils collection. They are similar to the Mamouth Desert Brown leather Cruisers in appearance (Pictured) with metal D ring lace loops, crease style leather upper and a chunky, hard-wearing outsole.

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