Cheapest Pair Of Merrell Yokota Trainers £30

You want a cheap pair of Merrell Trainers? How does £20 – £30 sound. I know what your thinking, that’s for the kids sizes. No, actually with this particular Merrell discount shoe find the bigger foot you’ve got the better. So if you are a mens UK 11, UK 12, even UK 13 Merrell Yokota are just £30 with free delivery! In the smaller mens sizes they are around the same price, or a bit cheaper, making them priced within the twenty pound zone.  Crazy cheap prices for a pair of mens Merrell.




As I bet you are aware, Merrell are usually quite expensive so it’s nice to be able to buy a pair for such an affordable price. Some reviewers who had bought the shoes were thinking that they had to be women’s shoes at this price but no, most male customers have said upon receiving and wearing the shoes they are for men and they fit great. Merrells can sometimes come a little bigger in certain models, but are mostly true to size.




Merrell Yokota are classed as a trail and hiking shoe. For either purpose, and considering the price, they are an excellent purchase. But they also make a perfect hard wearing everyday low price pair of shoes. Now, lets not kid ourselves here, they are not the most advanced Merrells on the market. They are not Gore-Tex and they don’t have a Vibram sole.They are however the cheapest Merrell’s you will find. And for the money they are an absolute bargain. If you want the best engineered Merrell’s you will have to pay more then 3 times this price.




Even though this post states that these Merrell Yokota are not the most advanced, compared to your normal branded trainers, they are a step above. Merrell Yokota have an air system concealed within the heel of the sole, a TrailProtect pad at the front, and an M-Select hard grip sole. They are also fitted with antimicrobial technology. Remember, these shoes were made for Trail running and hiking, so its a walk in the park for Merrell Yokota if your wearing them for everyday wear. All Merrells last a long time. Expect Yokota to be no different, even at this low price.

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