Merrell Annex Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

Merrell Annex GTX are another pair of tough, earthy hiking shoes built for withstanding hard terrains and stormy conditions. As with most pairs of Merrel Hiking shoes, their overall appearance is a nice mix of rugged, subtle styling, but with a casual, grown up feel that makes them not only suitable for hiking but also great for everyday wear. It’s no wonder Merrell hiking shoes are so popular amongst people aged between 25 – 55. They are great shoes, and they deliver.


Merrell Annex are a personal preference shoe by Moab GTX, it basically comes down to which pair you like the look of the most. Of course, each pair does have differences in design and they will fit slightly different, but they all share many of the same features. They are all Gore-Tex, so they are waterproof, and they all have the M-Select Technology, which is exclusive to Merrell that wards off bad shoe odours created by the feet over time.




They also all have the Vibram outsole. So it’s no surprise that the three pairs mentioned are almost identical in their reviewer ratings. The Annex just beats the other two pairs by one point (4.5 rating vs 4.3 and 4.4). They are all equally good shoes. But the Annex are lighter in weight and seem to be less restricted movement wise than the other two mentioned. So they are probably the better pair if your buying them to wear this summer. Merrell Annex are durable. The uppers are reinforced with triple stitching in most locations of potential weakness.




The flat colour coded laces and zig zag styled side sole are nice touches too. Overall they are a good choice, and dare I say it, they are easily the best looking pair out of the three. However, if your going to be doing some heavy-duty hiking which could involve navigating up and down rocky ravines or similar, a pair of Merrell Boots, which offer better overall support would probably be a better choice.




They are not cheap though, but show me a pair of Merrell that are. Now and again sales come do up but it’s not as often as most people would like. Be aware of the sizing with Merrell Annex, which can be a bit on the small side. Some half sizes are available.

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