Merrell Chameleon Shift Gore-Tex Hiking Shoes

One of the more streamlined pairs of Gore-Tex Merrell. Some pairs are a little big and puffy, but protective!. However, the Chameleon Shift Ventilator are considered a lightweight hiking shoe to be used in cool, wet weather rather than one of the more heavy-duty (puffier) pairs which are made for harsher, colder conditions. I guess it comes down to personal preference and what type of conditions you will be facing as to whether you will need a lightweight pair or a more thicker, insulated model. There are lots of pairs of both out there.




Being Gore-Tex, (GTX) Merrell Chameleon Shift are waterproof, but they also offer great breathability thanks to their clever design, which because of the part mesh upper, makes them look from the outer appearance like they would let in water like a sieve! But looks can be deceiving and these shoes letting in water is not in their DNA. They are an excellent addition to the Merrell range and a great shoe for walking far distances in moderately challenging conditions. They are also a superb, durable shoe for everyday wear.




However, for the more tricky, slippier terrains it would be wise to go with a shoe that doesn’t have a few disappointed buyers regarding the grip level on slippery surfaces like the Chameleon Shift do. The Vibram outsole certainly looks chunky and able, but when you have people who are actually wearing these shoes on slippery rock surfaces saying that they didn’t provide the grip support level they expected, it can’t be totally ignored.




And again, it comes down to the individual knowing, round abouts, what they will be using them for. If you know you will be hiking up steep and slippy rocky surfaces it’s probably best to go with something more suitable like a pair of THE NORTH FACE Snowstrike II Hiking Boots or the Berghaus Expeditor AQ with OPTI-STUD soles.

The sizing is an issue with the Chameleon Shift Ventilator. They are made very small so make sure to either go and try them on in person or consider a full or half-size bigger than you usually take if buying them blind online. Colours available: Grey with blue, Brown, Black with red, and Bitter Root (Pictured above). There are a few negative reviews for these shoes, but in their defense they do have a much bigger majority of five star reviews and many happy customers.

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