Merrell Proterra GTX Green Carbon Shoes

Fair enough, they are not true “Glove Like” shoes compared to some of the others like the Vibram Five Fingers. However, these Merrell Proterra fall somewhere in between a thin “sock like” shoe and a normal sporty type casual shoe. In saying that these Merrell Proterra are made more for walking not running so probably should not be compared as a shoe that competes with any of the barefoot ranges because those are specifically made for running.



Being so thin, light, and waterproof (Gore-Tex), Merrell Proterra are a much more versatile pair of shoes. The “Glove” side to these shoes is not actually with there outer appearance but with the way the insides are constructed to give a tight “Glove” like feel to the wearers feet. Merrell Proterra are well suited for everyday wear and hiking. They can also be used for running and, depending on an individuals preference, potentially be just as good as any other running shoe out there. They make a great alternative running shoe for the colder and wetter months.




Some people actually prefer to wear something a little more substantial then the extremely minimal barefoot range of footwear. Make no mistake though, Merrell Proterra are much thinner and much lighter then your average shoes or trainers. The uppers are made from Polytetrafluorethylen, polyester and leatherette. If you want a different color other then these Green / Carbon Merrell Proterra pictured take a look at the blue and grey Proterra Sport Multi Hike.

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