Trendy Merrell Freewheel Chukka Boots

Super stylish pair of Merrell Freewheel Chukka Boots. It’s nothing new as Merrell have always produced really nice footwear, but recently their range has expanded dramatically. Other than these Freewheel Chukka Boots, a few pairs that stand out are the Merrell Mountain Kicks, Merrell Race Ace, Merrell Helixer Morph Frost, and for women, the Merrell Decora Sonata Winter Boots. There are some great looking shoes out there by Merrell. The Morph Frost are great boots for the winter.




These Merrell Freewheel Chukka Boots look very similar to a certain model of Boxfesh boots, they even have the orange laces. They do look quite similar but that is where the similarities end. Freewheel Chukka boots by Merrell are of a much higher quality and overall just much better made. The uppers are made from Pig Suede, which is really soft and smooth.


Merrell Freewheel Chukka boots undersole


Although they may not look it, Merrell Freewheel Chukka Boots have a preference to biking. They incorporate a rigid mid sole for providing good traction when pedaling. Their roots are evident if you look at the sole. Pictures of bike cogs and cranks are present (Pictured above). Great pair of tough trendy shoes for riding and walking. Perfect for casual wear. The sole is also Air Cushioned, and some reviewers have even said they feel more like a pair of trainers when worn rather then shoes. That can only be a plus as far as comfort is concerned. Nice Boots.

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