Womens Merrell Natalya Mountain Style Boots

If there was a competition for which boots looked the most sturdy and durable, Merrell Natalya would win hands down. They look like a pair of boots fit for climbing Mountains. A lot of similar boots from different brands that fall within the same price range have 200 grams of internal insulation. That amount of lining is well enough to keep the feet and lower legs nice and warm in most cold weather conditions. Merrell Natalya have 300 grams of internal insulation (Fleece lined).




So, I think we can safely say that Merrell Natalya are one of the warmest pairs of boots out of all the high-end winter boots. However, the lining has been designed in a way so that it doesn’t feel like your carrying any extra load. Even though they are strong, durable boots, they are lightweight. That aspect has been kept to a minimum.




They also have many of the M Select features exclusive to Merrell that are usually found in their hiking footwear, so they don’t just look the part, they are a very capable pair of boots. The selection of colours available is fairly wide. They come in Cinnamon, Midnight, Falcon (Dark Brown), and Brown. Needless to say, the uppers are leather.




Merrell Natalya, Unlike a lot of the other high quality winter boots for women, feature zip up sides which can be very helpful if you have big calf’s and need to create a little more room. Just leave them slightly unzipped. The zip function also helps when putting the boots on or taking them off. Merrell Natalya look great with skinny jeans, and also wider jeans, which can be tucked in or left long.




From most accounts the sizing can be quite generous. And this is something you should take into account before buying a pair of Merrell Natalya. Luckily, they are available in most half sizes so you shouldn’t go far wrong. Are they waterproof? Even though they have the M-Select DRY feature incorporated, one potential disappointment with these boots is that there are a few reports of them not being fully waterproof. It’s only a small minority of reviewers, and most people state they are waterproof, but its something you should be aware of.




Could it have been a quality control issue that has now been resolved. Possibly. To finish on a positive note: Merrell Natalya have odour prevention built-in (M-Select FRESH), so no smelly boots after a few months of wear!

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