Nike Air Huarache Platinum Triple White Trainers

So, you have the triple black Huarache, now say hello to the whitest and brightest out of all the Huarache’s, The Platinum Triple Whites! They are super white and super bright. Very summerish. The triple whites are not new on the scene or just released but just haven’t been featured on this site. They are mostly all white except the few locations, including the back strap, that are Platinum (Basically silver).

Nike Air Huarache-Triple-White-Mens-Trainers

They are not cheap but they have become one of the most sought after pairs of trainers over the last few years. They are very stylish, and when considering all the years they have been around, still fairly unique in terms of their appearance. The sock like fit also makes them super comfortable to wear.


These trainers do have an air unit concealed in the heel, which is why they have “Air” embossed on the back heel. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but worth mentioning as some people think that all Huarache’s are Nike Air Huarache’s but that just isn’t the case. Some don’t have an air unit in the sole. If they don’t say AIR on the back then they are without the air unit.

These trainers look great when worn with shorts or with bottoms that go tight at the ankle so the trainers are fully exposed. Great trainers if you can afford a pair. This pair is available in sizes starting from a UK 6 going up to a UK 13 with lots of half sizes also up for grabs. Price: £120+.

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