Nike Archive ’75.M Grey Gum Retro Style Trainers

All year round there are new trainer releases that everyone is going crazy for. Most of them are a little too overhyped, and always expensive when being re-sold by the resellers. Nike Archive ’75.M are different. They are actually really cheap in comparison, and almost as desirable. Archive ’75.M (Props to Bill Bowerman) are a mix of suede and nylon, just like the trainers of old.


However, they are kitted out with more up-to-date versions of those materials. Particularly the nylon, which is much more tougher (ripstop). The cushioning also has some future tech built-in. Furthermore, the upper is an all-in-one sock style. So very comfortable and a nice stable fit.

Nike Archive 75 are also available in other colourways, like Black and Aqua Blue. Those two colourways are great and look very sporty. But if you want the most retro bang for your buck, it’s the Grey with Gum pair (Pictured) that really stand out from a vintage perspective.

Not to be confused with the Archive 83’s. If you’re pockets go a bit deeper and a retro appearance isn’t your thing, a new release doing the rounds right now worth looking into is the latest pair of Nike Jordans, the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam’s.

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