Retro Nike Air Flight 705005 Huarache Boots

Everyone and their grandmothers are wearing the normal trainer Huarache’s right now. So it’s nice to see that there are some boot versions of Nike Huarache currently on sale in the UK. Better still, the pairs that are for sale have some nice retro (1990’s) colour ways in their collections. The two versions I’m talking about are the Nike Flight (No Air) Huarache 705281 Boots, and the ones pictured on this page, the Nike Air Flight 705005 Huarache Boots. Great trainers. Yes, they’re not cheap but what genuine Huarache’s are.




The boots are slightly more unique than the trainer versions. Not everyone is wearing them!. And the boots will most definitely be more durable, specially at the ankle strap. If you look at a normal pair of Huarache trainers you will see that all the pressure from the ankle and foot doesn’t have much of a buffer except the sock liner padding at the heel. This is probably one of the reasons why so many ankle straps snap on the normal pairs. And another reason being a material that’s too weak being used. With the boot models there is an extra layer of leather that surrounds the back of the shoe.




This provides more protection to the heel and less pressure on the actual strap because the leather surround it taking most of the strain before it reaches the actual strap. The boots are more durable, no doubt about it. If you’ve had a few pairs of normal Huarache trainers and are sick of the straps snapping, take a chance on a pair of boots.




At least if the strap does snap on the boots (less likely than the trainers) you still have the leather heel and boot support. Obviously, this is lacking on the trainers, and when the strap snaps on them there is no other heel support except for the sock lining, which can make the trainers slip off easily once the feet start to sweat.

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