Women’s Nike Air Max Thea Print Training Shoes

The Thea Print are basically another slight variation of one of the most popular, classic pairs of Nike. Air Max. Through out the decades they have remained a firm favourite, and one of Nike’s best sellers. Simple but stylish design, and made to be thinner than Original examples of Nike Air Max, Women’s Thea Print make a great pair of trainers for everyday wear in the summer months, or for wearing to the gym.




Although they have a covering of protection around the shoe (See pictures), the uppers are predominantly made from a mesh / pin holed fabric, which renders Thea Print pretty unsuitable for wet weather. And, being so breathable, not very good for cold weather protection either. However, that’s not what they are for. They are a sports shoe, designed with exercise in mind, not weather protection. They have a visible air bubble and ankle loop for easier putting on.




The amount of colour combinations available is impressive. From Black, to White, light Brown and even Pink (called Rose). The name Thea Print is more fitting to the pairs that actually have a patterned upper. None the less, Thea, or Thea Print, they are generally the same trainer, just different patterns and effects on either the upper or outer sole.

Patterned or plain, the choice is yours. Of key importance: Sizing. Air Max Thea can definitely be classed as running a bit small. Numerous reports (on Amazon) of them fitting small and not one (as yet) of them being too big, so take this into account if you’re considering buying a pair. They’re not cheap. But then again, no genuine Air Max are.

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