Best Heelys Roller Shoes In The UK

There are so many Heelys designs out there (full image gallery, which has every angle of each boot covered. The pictures speak for themselves.




There are 3 designs to choose between from Heelys “Zoo Series” and all three feature an animal. You have the choice of either a Lion, Panda or Zebra. All of them are designed to a very high standard for the cheap price. Yes, they are pretty cheap. The uppers are made from a tight canvas and all pairs have not one, but two roller wheels in the sole. They also feature a rubber toe cap and a zip up the inside to make getting them on and off nice and easy.




The Panda and Zebra examples actually have the ears attached to the shoe, adding the ultimate finishing touch to the face. Absolutely beautiful! However, my favourite pair is definitely the Lion model. Other than the very real looking face (He has green eyes), the Lions extra bit of realism is the addition of the faux fur around the ankle and down the back of the shoe / boot representing lions head fur. The kids will love these.




These really are some of the best looking pairs out there right now. No doubt about it. Oh, and did I mention they also double up as a great little pair of roller skates! They’re not just good-looking Hi-Tops. Reviews are amazing.

Sizes available: Child size 11, 12 and 13. And Junior sizes: UK 1, 2 and 3. Act fast and buy your pair today before they are gone. Be aware of the sizing as there are a few comments about them being slightly large. Some people get confused with the name of these shoes and call them Heelies. It’s Heelys!

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