Cheap Womens Clarks Funny Dream Shoes

Super durable and super stylish, Clarks Funny Dream shoes are a delight to own and wear. Did you know that Clarks Funny Dream have been around for decades. They are a Clarks Classic design. Only back in the day they were called Clarks Nature Trek. They have a really relaxed design so they go well with casual clothing like jeans and other neat fitting bottoms.

Clarks Funny Dream have a strange design. The uppers are slightly wider then the sole, and rather than make the sole the same width Clarks narrowed it down so that it creates a lipped appearance around the whole shoe.  The Orange pair pictured here are fairly cheap. Click here for more information. Or see them in Blue.

Another “difference” with these shoes is the front. They haven’t been designed using the standard “shoe design” toe cap, such as with the Kickers low boot design. With Clarks Funny Dream the front stitching just stops and goes into the sole rather than going all the way around the shoe, creating a “Flick” type effect. Quite unique for this style of shoe.



These shoes are great, quite quirky and funky in little subtle ways and really high quality at the same time. The heel is around 1 inch high at its highest point. The uppers are made of soft Leather and certain pairs have some nice sewing detail where it is a different colour to the shoe uppers, so it stands out and looks nice.

This detail is much more noticeable on the brighter pairs of Clarks Funny Dream, particularly the Orange and Pink pairs, where the stitching is White so it stands out much more. Great colors for the up coming warmer seasons.  Of course, you can always get a Brown Pair if you want to play it safe.



One thing to note about Clarks Funny Dream is that the sole is rather flat and the grip is minimal, so they can be quite slippery on some surfaces. Do not wear these shoes in ice or snow!  And take caution if wearing them in wet conditions on smooth floors etc.

They are prone to letting in the rain. So perhaps buying a pair for the spring or summer is your best bet. Sizing can also be an issue. Buyers state that they would recommend you buy a half-size bigger than what you would usually take. Other then that, great shoes! And one common positive from most reviews is that these shoes are super comfortable.

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