Children’s Santiro Flashing LED Velcro Trainers

Usually, when it comes to trainers with glow up soles, the majority are lace ups. You do get some that combine laces with a velcro strap, but not that many pairs that are completely velcro fastening. This pair by Santiro are great. Simple, clean, and effortless to put on or take off, they kind of remind me of a cheap pair of Adidas Stan Smiths.




They are very cheap, and have great illumination, but they are not made by Adidas. Santiro have been making children’s LED simulation shoes for some time, and while they are inexpensive to buy, the quality is usually very good for the price. While they are listed as being made from PU leather, don’t be fooled into thinking this is real leather, because it’s not. With that aside, these Santiro’s are excellent. Their light up colours and formations are superb, consisting of seven different colours and many light variations like strobe, flashing, solid etc.

Everything that you will need to power and use the shoes comes included in the box. USB cable, internal battery pack (built into the trainers), and instructions. Very easy to operate. Sizing can be tricky, with a fair mix of people claiming they were too small or too big. We think most people will find them a little on the small side, so best to purchase a size bigger. Your kid will no doubt love these shoes. Great as a birthday present. Available in White, Black, Red and Gold. Looking for a pair for yourself? Take a look here.

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