Light Up LED Trainers For Adults UK

Forget about the extensive list of different designs that are on offer. So what will you use yours for? I think the main activity for donning the LED Shoes would be nights on the town clubbing. They will certainly get people looking in your direction that’s for sure. And if you’re a bit of a dancer these shoes will have some people mesmerised.


Read the reviews. They can also be worn for other activities like costume play (Cosplay), dance competitions (Would be amazing to watch a really good breakdancer), Illuminated Parkour, and just worn in general for the novelty factor.




The good thing about a lot of these shoes is that they have their own USB port, so you can charge them up very easily. And once charged you don’t have to leave them powered on until they run out of battery life. They have a little button that you press when you want the LEDs to be activated. So, these trainers are not just for showing off, glowing in the dark and having a bit of a laugh, they can actually be worn with the lights off and pass as a completely normal pair of trainers. They are also considered Unisex.

Some brands to look out for that are very affordable and have really good reviews are Odema, Angin-Tech, Vnfire, DoGeek and Gaorui. You can get these in normal trainers and High-Tops of various colours, black or white being the most common. There are some crazy designs out there if you search around. Pairs with wings at the back, covered in stars, pairs with belts across the front, light up LED laces, you name it.

Most of the pictures show them lit up in either Blue or Green, but a lot of these shoes can glow up in other colours too, like Orange, White and Purple. You have the option of having the sole lit up in all one colour and remaining that way, seizure mode (flashing), fade, or you can just let them run through their light cycle of different colours and visuals. The quality of the shoes, and just as important, the lighting display, is really good for the price. Great novelty footwear for Adults, and the kids too! Most sizes are available, up to a mens UK 10.

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