Zombie Style Plush Slippers For Sale

Funny and warm but not very practical, these Zombie Head Plush Slippers by ThinkGeek would make a really nice Christmas or Birthday gift for somebody who’s a big B-Movie zombie / horror fan. Or someone who’s hooked on any of the many zombie TV series and movies hitting our screens over the last few years, like Z nation, The Walking Dead, Fear the walking dead and the film, World War Z with Brad Pitt (Sequel is being released in mid 2017).


The dangling eyeball and mouth placement (So it looks like they’re being kicked straight in the mouth when worn) make them quite the party piece! There are a few different variations of these slippers for sale online. Some are fairly expensive. However, they are all basically the same in appearance. Looking to save some money? This pair from Proutone are one of the cheapest to buy and have good reviews. Although the sizing isn’t stated clearly, and one of the customers who bought them did so for a kid, these are most likely not going to fit younger children, as the “one size fits most” seems to start within the junior size range of around UK 3 – 4.

Also, be aware of the size limitations if buying these slippers for an adult. The ThinkGeek Zombie Plush pair (pictured above)are only available in one size, and reports from customers claim they will fit between an adults UK 4 and up to approximately adults UK 10, give or take a little either side. If you want a different design, or a pair that are sold in individual sizes, check out the Frankenstein, monster claw, Rastaman, and Bigfoot examples. All really good gifts for someone who likes a laugh.

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