Beige Mount Hope Mid Length Winter Boots

Never super cheap but always very high quality, here are the fabulous Timberland Mount Hope Mid Length Boots. This time in Beige / light sand. A very fitting colourway for the snow that’s apparently making its way to the UK over the next few weeks / month. As usual with Mount Hope design, they have the classic “D” ring lace loops and are fur-lined (fake fur) to keep the feet feeling snug when the temperatures fall.… Read More..


Adidas NMD R1 Olive Green Trainers

Yes, there has been a boat load of different colourways not long released of the NMD, but this beautiful Olive Green pair really are worthy of a mention. They were not released worldwide. I believe just Europe and the UK were included. The number of pairs up for sale was also quite limited. The Olive Green are just excellent for the Autumn / Winter season, and, unlike a lot of recent Adidas releases, these NMD R1’s are actually reasonably priced.… Read More..


Adidas Athen Reissue Trainers Now For Sale

A new release of the historic Adidas Athen will be taking place in a number of hours. By the time you read this they will be for sale. The official release date is 21st October 2016 and it appears that Size? will be the only outlet selling this particular launch. The Athen will be available online at Size? and in Size?… Read More..


Red Nike Air Max Zero QS Trainers

Nike Air Max Zero are basically the upgraded version of the original Nike Air Max. But they have been on the scene for many years. Which ones do you prefer? There are a few considerable differences between the two. Most noticeable is the “sock like” Neoprene red and white QS model are really fresh and sporty.


The latest release of these trainers is the limited edition Ultramarine 789695-105 model (Released on 6th October 2016), and they are something special.… Read More..


Brown Yeezy Boost 750 New October 2016 Release

Another Adidas Yeezy release is here again, “a new drop”. This time it’s in the form of the 750 boots. They are basically the same as the normal Yeezy 750 Boost but in Chocolate Brown. Yes, they have the glowing sole (In the dark). With them being boots and finished in a brown, rustic colour way, they are very fitting for the time of year.… Read More..


Zombie Style Plush Slippers For Sale

Funny and warm but not very practical, these Zombie Head Plush Slippers by ThinkGeek would make a really nice Christmas or Birthday gift for somebody who’s a big B-Movie zombie / horror fan. Or someone who’s hooked on any of the many zombie TV series and movies hitting our screens over the last few years, like Z nation, The Walking Dead, Fear the walking dead and the film, World War Z with Brad Pitt (Sequel is being released in mid 2017).… Read More..


Orthotic Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re suffering from lower foot pain. In particular, heel discomfort (possible Plantar Fasciitis) and want some cheap relief, a quick and relatively effective solution to help ease the symptoms can be achieved by adding some extra support by placing Orthotic Insoles into your regular shoes. In most instances, when adding Orthotic Insoles to your normal footwear, your shoes should ideally have removable insoles, as some Orthotic Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis can be fairly thick, or at least, considerably thicker at the heel.… Read More..