Puma Vulc Kids

Puma Mid Vulc V Kids Hi Top Trainers

Checkout these super cool Puma Vulc trainers. Puma Mid Vulc have been available in adult sizes for quite some time but have now been made available for kids due to the fact that they are so popular with adults. Made with special elasticated laces and a Velcro strap, they are designed with simplicity in mind. Making them easy for kids to slip on and off with minimal fuss.… Read More..


Adidas Power Perfect II Weight Lifting Trainers

Offering super stability and a raised heel, these Adidas Power Perfect II Trainers have been specifically made for weight lifting. The soles are made from a strong Polymer adding more support, balance, and resistance. Power Perfect II are the big brothers of the older version of Adidas weight lifting trainers, the Adidas Ironwork range.

If you weight lift anything near to, or over your own body weight, be it squats, dead lifts, clean and jerk etc, and you do so in normal trainers you will feel the soft soles giving way under the extra weight and as they do so they become more unbalanced and unsteady.… Read More..

Boxfresh sparko

Mens BoxFresh Sparko Shoes

Most pairs of BoxFresh shoes are very appealing. Unlike other major shoe brands theres not that many pairs on the market that don’t look great. The Sparko range of BoxFresh footwear is no exception, their appearance is like a pair of shoes but once broken in they are as comfortable as a pair of trainers. The soft soles also contribute to this.… Read More..


Huge Discounts On Womens BoxFresh Boots

With Christmas spending still visible in the rear view mirror those who don’t have much to spend but are looking for a new pair of BoxFresh boots are in luck. As we all know, January sales are in full effect right now, and if you look around there are some superb bargains to be found, online and on the high street.… Read More..