Mens and Womens New Puma Reptil Basket Trainers

Amazon has teamed up with Puma to bring us a new mini range of “Exclusive” trainers, a slight spin-off of the Puma Suede / normal Puma Basket. Six pairs to be exact. Three colour ways for men and three for women. Those colour ways are the same for each and consist of black, blue (Peacoat) and grey. The reason for the name “Reptil” is due to the scaled, lizard like “Reptilian” upper. They are very stylish trainers. See what they look like being worn by visiting the promotional release page.


Mens Puma Reptil (Peacoat)


The women’s pairs are fairly different as they have a platform sole which is about double the thickness of the mens. The mens Puma Reptil are almost identical to the normal Puma Suede’s other than the scaled Reptil design upper. The scaling on the mens is much more pronounced than it is on the women. At the toe cap the women’s pairs are plain, whereas the mens are fully kitted out with Reptilian-ness.


Womens Reptil in Peacoat


Like the Puma Suede they are a timeless classic, very versatile design that is well suited for many dress styles, urban, street, and casual. They go with almost anything. The people modeling the pairs of Reptil do so wearing a few different styles of clothing, all of which are fairly good matches for the Reptil.


Mens Puma Reptil in Grey (vap)


Both the Suede and the Basket are personal favourites of mine. In fact, I’m wearing a pair of grey Puma Suede’s with a brown gum sole as I write this. ;). So comfortable to wear. The pricing of this new line is competitive but a little steep considering that if you look around online you can find a normal, non Reptil pair of Puma Suedes or Basket for around £35 – £40. This new edition of Reptil are £60.


Womens Puma Reptil Grey


However, they are a little different from the normal run of the mill pairs. So if you want something a bit more exclusive I guess £20 extra isn’t that much extra to pay. Sizes for the women’s start at UK 3.5 and go up to a UK 8. Mens UK 6 – UK 12. Half sizes are available. Will you be reppin the Reptils for an extra £20 or so pounds.. Check them out on Amazon UK.

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