90s Old School Reebok Pump Omni Zone Black V60498

If you’re looking for a true old school Reebok Pump colour way look no further than these Reebok Pump Omni Zone (V60498). The retro colour way is so 90’s. It’s as if these boots, with their mix of black, turquoise blue, and pinkish purple really are originals from the 1990’s. Sadly, they are not straight out the 90’s. But they are the next best thing. Reebok Pump Omni Zone are big bulky boots, a lot to carry around. But they are a lot of shoe for the money. And a classic at that.




They were originally brought out as basketball boots but these days people just love to wear them for everyday wear. Saying that, they also did back in the day too. Reebok Pump were one of the main trainers of the 90’s. Along with other trainers that were seen as a technologic break through at the time like Puma Disc, Nike Air Huarache, Adidas Torsion, and also a few others. Reebok Pump have secured their place in the footwear history books!




The Reebok Omni Zone (V60498) have an ERS cushioning system in the heel of the sole. This is old school technology but still effective today. Along with Hexalite, E.R.S is kind of like Reebok’s equivalent of a cushioning system, such as the Nike Air Bubble. E.R.S stands for Energy Return System. The uppers are leather on the Omni Pump V60498.




Everything about these boots is retro. Even the sole. True replicas. And if that’s what you’re looking for go and grab yourself a pair and feel the nostalgia when you pump up the tongues like many people did in the 90’s. Be quick before they are all gone. They are available in sizes from UK 6 to UK 11 with a lot of half sizes up for grabs. You also get a free pair of white laces with these boots. Priced between £40 – £50.

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