Blue Reebok Court Victory Pump Hexalite Trainers

A really Iconic, early 90’s Reebok Classic. The first Reebok Pump were actually available in late 1989 but didn’t really become super popular until the early 90’s. These Blue, Orange and White¬†Reebok Pump Court Victory (V56238) are of a true likeness to the originals that were so popular all those years ago. Although they do have a few differences if compared to the real originals.


Most noticeable is the blue suede upper, and the speckled blue outsole with orange trim. Like many of the originals, they do have the old skool Hexalite cushioning system. The large pump up tongue is also the same as the original Reebok Pump Boots. The first Reebok Pump were Pump Up Tongues only.

A few years later you could buy Reebok Pump where most of the upper could be pumped up. Those were the Reebok Insta Pump Fury. They have also been re-released and you can now get them in many new colour ways. Check out the pair of GS Pump Fury (V53516) that have the “Reebok” wording all over the pumpable part of the uppers.

This pair ( Court Victory Pump ) are competitively priced, varying a little depending on the size you require. The Reebok Pump Court Victory (V56238) shown here are available in all adult sizes starting from a UK 6 and going up to a UK Size 12 with many half sizes in between. Great pair of retro boots, super cool.

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