Lime Green Suede Reebok Classics Trainers

Can you get anymore true “Lime” in colour than what these Lime Green Suede Reebok Classics Nylon Slim Pop are.. The uppers are a mix of suede and fabric (Nylon). This lime colour (Exact colour is called Vert) has become popular within the UK amongst young women and seems to be worn with white jeans quite a lot. It’s a good combination as the two colours look fresh and go well together.




Other than the colour these trainers are basically an old skool pair of Reebok Classics so you really can’t go wrong. An up to date colour way with the old style design makes them a very stylish, stand out pair of trainers. If you like to be inconspicuous give them a miss!




Sizes are running low fast. However, a UK 4 and UK 5 are available for sale. Classic Nylon Pop can also be found in various other colours including Pinkish Red, Purple, Yellow, and Bright Blue. All of which are hard not to notice.

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