Original Reebok Classic Leather Trainers In Black

These trainers remind some people who happen to be old enough to remember them in their (the trainers) heyday of one era. And that’s the 1990’s. Reebok Classics (all clolours) were so popular at that time. And for good reason. They have a very simple design, are very comfortable, and last a long time. Although nowadays they are not as popular as they were in the 90’s they are still sought after by the old skoolers and newbies alike.


There was a few years where supply wasn’t meeting the demand, but thankfully they are available in most colours and sizes these days online for both Men and Women. The only colour you may have a hard time finding in a particular size is Ecru.


Reebok Classic are extremely versatile. You’ve got people who buy them to wear them for work, for sports, such as tennis, and of course for everyday wear. If comparing the older made Reebok Classics to the newer ones out there today there are a few differences (The tongue, innersole, stiffer leather upper, different materials used), but nothing too bad that you have to be really concerned about. They are still a great pair of trainers.


However, a small majority of people who owned pairs in the 90’s think otherwise and say these trainers are not the same anymore and as a result are not as appealing to them. One thing to be aware of though if you’ve never had a pair of Reebok Classics before is that they can feel rather narrow at the toes if you have wide feet.

White Reebok Classics


One way to counter act this is to buy a bigger size than what you usually wear. Luckily, Reebok Classics are available in many half sizes so it shouldn’t be that much of an issue. Although sometimes a half-size bigger might not be enough and some people will need a full size bigger.

Get the sizing right and these trainers are excellent and will most probably become one of your favourite pairs of footwear, just like they done have for many others. True Classics. Another nice pair of classic Reebok worth a look are the Reebok Exofit, which are around the same price.

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