Shaq Attaq Reebok Pump M40173 Boots

Limited Edition “Shaq Attaq” Reebok Pump are, of course dedicated to Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. They are a super padded pair of Reebok Pump which offer superb ankle support. Excellent for doing what they were supposedly made for, which is play Basketball in! Other than for Basketball they are a great trainer for just wearing out and about. They have “SHAQ” written at the back with a picture of him dunking a basketball (See picture below). This artwork is also present on a little tag that hangs from the boot.



Reebok Pump M40173 have a partially speckled side sole, huge tongues, and plastic lace holders. The uppers are a mix of suede and leather. They are available in sizes starting from a UK 7.5 and go up to a UK 10. Cost: £50.


By most accounts Shaq Attaq Reebok Pump are the same as most pairs of Reebok Pump in that they are really well made. However, one reviewer did complain that the quality was sub par and he’s pair have come apart at the side of the sole. All other reviews are excellent, so whether this was just a one-off and down to some kind of quality control issue is unknown, but is a definite possibility.

Melody Ehsani Reebok Pump

Looking for one of the craziest pairs of Unisex Reebok Pump? Check out the Melody Ehsani Reebok Pump Omni Lite M41828 that are for sale. Pictured above. The design is strange and very stand-out. It has a Snake – Lizard scales / skin thing going on. Really crazy design. They also have the Hexalite Air System in the heel.

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