Black Rieker B1720 Leather Derby Shoes

You can’t go far wrong with a pair of Rieker. Especially with their Derby range. Smart in appearance, well made, and mostly sensibly priced. Black Rieker B1720’s are a versatile pair of Derby shoes. They are well suited for wearing to formal gatherings, but equally at home when being worn for work. Some people actually buy them to wear to school, but I think they are a little too nice for that! Specially when considering how many other nice pairs of school shoes are out there that cost less to buy. But each to their own.




The B1720’s are one in a long line of Derby style shoes offered by Rieker. This model has a soft leather upper. The type of leather that moulds to the wearer’s foot shape very quickly. They also benefit from having the full 360 degree sole to upper stitching which makes them less prone to coming apart at the front or sides, and longer lasting overall. The heel height is just over 1 inch.

Rieker B1720 are generally true to size, but If you’re new to Derby style shoes just be aware that they do go more narrow at the toes. They come in full and half sizes should you want to buy a slightly bigger size to compensate for the narrowing of the toes.

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