Womens Timberland Nellie Waterproof Pull-On Boots

The cold winter nights are no competition for the Timberland Nellie when it comes to keeping feet snug and dry. They were made by Timberland to withstand wet weather, and by all accounts they adhere to that promise very well. They are an excellent, chunky style leather boot that not only provide great protection from the elements but also look fashionable in doing so.




Timberland Nellie boots have a buckle which is effective at adjusting the boot in order to achieve the perfect fit. They also have pull straps on either side to make getting them on the feet a bit easier. Nellie have a Gummi sole, which when combined with the deep lugs (sole cavities), provides excellent grip and traction on wet, slippery surfaces. Sometimes with women’s boots, not just from Timberland but from other brands as well that claim to be waterproof, you will find some reviews will say they let in water and feet end up feeling damp. Not the case with the Nellie boots.




Fair enough, they do have some negative reviews, but not one of those reviews had anything to do with them not being waterproof. In fact most of the negative reviews were due to the sizing. This is a common issue with the Timberland Nellie. They are made rather small. And that’s not just the case with the length of the boots either. The whole boot can feel tighter than usual.




Some women find them to be a tight squeeze and a real struggle to get their feet into due to the neck being quite narrow for some. So needless to say, with the Nellie’s the right size is vital. Get the sizing correct and these boots are hard to beat. Get it wrong and you will not be a happy bunny. There may also be a short wearing in process with the Nellie, but this isn’t exclusive to these boots. Many hard-wearing boots, of all brands and sizes will have a breaking in period.


As with most Timberland footwear, they are made with the environment in mind. There’s almost always some part of a Timberland shoe or boot that has been made from a recycled material. As a result, the Timberland Nellie have a 50% recycled PET mesh lining. They are available in black nubuck, brown, dark brown, and medium brown. Sizing starts at a UK 3.5 and goes up to a UK size 9. Half sizes are also available. Pricing is between £70 – £140.


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